SIA Security Guarding Top Up Only £99Security Guard Training

If you want to get employment as a security guard in the UK, then you must have an SIA license. Emerald Academy is serving the best for different security guard training. Thousands of trainees have completed their training classes and got a well-paid job. The SIA security license is a legal requirement in the UK to get a job in security. We aim to up skill you with an innovative and practical approach which perks you in your future and does well for your job. Our qualified trainers/staff will inculcate you to excel in your line of work. We train you to meet all the specifications and requirements of the Security Industry Authority License. We instruct you with all the necessary knowledge and skills required for applying for the security guard license. With SIA accredited level 2 security guard license, you will be able to apply for employment in any private security agency. It will enhance employment opportunities for you. We have hired a competent and skilled staff for your training.

The Emerald Academy ensures that you are not only prepared to pass the exam. But we also train you for the real-life circumstances. Any person who has an SIA Security Guard training License can work in different shopping malls, schools, residential areas, banks, office buildings, retail shops, and construction sites. But, they cannot work at entertainment premises or bars.

Minimum requirements:

There are a few basic requirements that must be met before applying for the Security Guard Training course. Firstly, the candidate must be 18 years or more of age. In addition to that, the candidate must have good communication skills (both written and spoken).He/she must possess L-1 English which is the preliminary requirement of SIA.

Method of Teaching:

We aim to train you in a classroom with the help of a combination of group and pair activities along with many practical interactive practices such as role play and many more.

Course Content:

Unit 1 – Principles of working in the private security Industry

Unit 2- Principles of working as a security officer in the private security Industry

Unit 3 – Application of Conflict Management Module in the private security Industry


The completion of the Security Guarding course will be assessed through a system of three separate written exams along with a session of practical assessment. After successfully passing the exam, the candidate can file an application for SIA Security Guarding license.

SIA Security Guarding Top Up Only £99

If any person wants to become a Security guard in the UK. They should have passed the SIA Security guard training. In the UK the SIA Security guard training is the legal requirement to get a job as a Security Guard at any place.

The SIA Security guard training includes the person’s SIA Licence, which is the most important part of getting a job as a security guard. Under the SIA Security guard training, a person will train beneath certain circumstances that they can face while doing a security guard job like Parking enforcement, Emergency fire and safety training, Evacuation procedures, medical emergency response, Patrolling, Conflict solving Conflict, Physical security and Customer service.

The SIA Security guard training covers every aspect of getting a security guard job. At the Emerald Academy, the person who enrolls for this course gets the SIA Security guard certificate and gets checked by the points which are important while getting a job, ensuring they don’t have any criminal background, and the minimum age limit of 18. By having everthing good in their certificate, they can easily get a job.

Emerald Academy provides the SIA Security guard training course at a very decent amount of £99, which a normal person can easily fulfil to get a good Security Guard Job in the UK. Emerald Academy also helps you get the right job.