Learner Appeal Procedure

1. Purpose

This policy provides an approval process to ensure that centre policies and procedures area applied appropriately, fairly and consistently to all learners

2.  Policy Statement

Emerald Academy will allow any learners the right to appeal against decisions made under Centre Policies and Procedures.

3.  Scope

This policy covers decision made under the following Policy and Procedures:

  • Managing Positive Behaviour
  • Learners Attendance, Participation and Achievement
  • Registration
  • Examination/Assessment
  • Disclosure
  • Any other decisions based on centre regulations.

4. Responsibilities

4.1  The Head of centre is responsible for the implementation and development of this policy.

4.2  All members of staff tutor and learners are responsible for the effective operation of this policy.

4.3  Learner Services staff and Curriculum Tutors are responsible for providing advice and support for Learner appeals.

5. The Appeals Process

5.1  A formal appeal should only be made after the learners have exhausted all informal means of resolving the issue.

5.2  Any learner who wishes to make a formal appeal against a centre Decision should submit the appeal in writing to within 24 hours of receiving notification of the decision. This should be sent to the Head of centre at admin@emeraldacademy.org.uk or can be posted to the address below:

Emerald Academy

Holdsworth House

65-73 Staines road, Hounslow,


(In case if the Head of centre is a tutor/teacher then the learner needs to file a complaint to the Managing director or CEO). In this case MD will come to a decision

5.3  The letter of appeal should contain a statement which clearly states the decision which is being appealed, the basis for the appeal and the remedy the learner is seeking. The letter of appeal may include new evidence to support the appeal for any personal circumstances that the learner wishes to be considered.

5.4  Centre staff and Tutors are available to assist the student in drawing up the appeals letter if required.

5.5  The centre will normally acknowledge receipt of the letter within 3 days.

5.6  The appeal will be held by a nominated panel, normally chaired by the Head of centre if suppose the Head of centre is a tutor/teacher then the learner needs to file a complaint to the Managing director or CEO). In this case MD will come to a decision, within 7 days of the letter of appeal being received.

5.7  If the learner is not happy with the decision, or result of actions taken by the course coordinator, then he/she may apply to the Head of center in writing. If the student is still unhappy, then the HOC will call for a committee comprising a member of staff, the MD, the director administration, and a neutral course coordinator. Their decision will be considered as final.

6. Further Appeals

6.1  Any learner who wishes to appeal further against the operation of the appeal process (but not the decision itself) can seek alternative external means such as to BIIAB Awarding body.

6.2  A review of the documentation will be undertaken to ensure that the Appeals panel has operated within the centre process. If the Head decides that the process has not been followed correctly, then they can make another appeal directly to an BIIAB awarding body.

6.3  In the case of an appeal involving the process of assessment, a learner may have a further route to appeal with an external awarding body. This will be dependent on the BIIAB Awarding Body’s appeal process.